Taaleño Mr. Ernesto F. Villavicencio, has always dreamed of opening a restaurant serving quality foods. To get the right formula, he tried franchising different food establishment such as, “Julie’s Bakeshop” and “Tapa King”. He pursued his dream and opened his own bakery named “Pan’s and Company” and a Japanese Restaurant named TAKEHOME. In 1997, Mr. Ernesto F. Villavicencio joined a new business venture, developing a subdivision in his hometown Taal, Batangas. His first project was Hacienda Villas Subdivision. While constructing its clubhouse, Mr. Ernesto Villavicencio’s passion of opening a restaurant was reignited. “Cafe Eh!” was then born, offering western foods for the homeowners and nearby establishments. In 2009, he looked for a place in Taal poblacion’s nearby market to put up his new restaurant. Don Juan BBQ opened on February 9, 2010, offering the best BBQ in town with Taal specialties and other native cuisines. To cater more Taaleños, the restaurant opened a “Don Juan Food Express” nearby LTO Taal Batangas and “Cafeteria Kokorokok” at Taal Sports Center in Brgy. Halang Taal, Batangas.



(Photo from — According to Wikipedia, “Boodle Fight” is a military way of eating. It is a symbol of camaraderie, brotherhood and equality in the Armed Forces in which they share the same food without regard to rank.

The “fight” part refers to the fact that it’s every man for himself during these feasts. This means you grab and eat as much as you can before the food runs out.

Usually, long tables are prepared, food are spread on top of the banana leaves and Boodle participants are required to eat with their bare hands.

Boodle Fight is arrayed with Filipino food specialties that includes lumpiang shanghai, pancit, grilled pork, chicken, shrimp or squid, grilled eggplant, adobo, crispy pata or any dish of choice. Accompanying side dishes may be ensaladang pipino, atchara or mango slices with tomatoes and salted eggs.

This Boodle fever is so popular and widely accepted by Filipinos nowadays due to their tremendous love for food, the keen to eat to their fullest potential and the enjoyment of eating in groups.

Definitely, Boodle fight is a unique Filipino dining experience. It is always a must-try adventure for everyJUAN during their group get-togethers, family gatherings, or tourists’ hang-outs.

Don Juan Boodle House is Taal’s first restaurant serving Boodle Fight Food. At present, it offers 5 types of Boodle namely: Inihaw Boodle, Military Boodle, Southern Tagalog Boodle, Ilocos Boodle and Taal Specialties Boodle.

Among the following Boodle sets, our best-seller is the Taal Specialties Boodle. It features Taal’s local cuisines such as: Sinaing na Tulingan, Ensaladang Taal, Taghilaw, Tapang Taal, Adobo sa Dilaw, Tawilis, Longganisang Taal, Inihaw na Baboy and Kalderetang Kambing.

Through continuous innovations and renovations of its food, place and service, Don Juan Boodle House will develop new distinct and delicious Boodle sets featuring regional specialties that will transform your meal into a truly Filipino satisfying eating experience.

Indeed, experiencing Boodle Fight at Don Juan is truly a unique and great food eating adventure to everyJuan. Kumain ka naGa? Tara! Boodle Fight Tayo!